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Transfer Hosting Tutorial - Network Solutions

If your domain is registered with Network Solutions, please follow this tutorial to guide you through the DNS changes required to activate your Dollarhost account.

Part I - DNS Modification

Visit http://www.networksolutions.com and enter your Customer Login information to log into Account Manager. The "User ID" field was formerly referred to as "Username/Account Number".

On the Domain Details page, ensure that your domain points to a designated domain name server (DNS) and click 'Edit DNS'.

On the Edit Domain Name Servers page, click 'Continue' to proceed with DNS changes.

On the Specify Servers page, enter your Dollarhost assigned primary nameserver as Name server 1 and your secondary nameserver as Name server2 and click 'Continue'.

On the confirm DNS changes page, click 'Save DNS'.

On the Name Servers Update page, click 'Go to Account Manager Home'. Your DNS changes will require 24 hours to fully propagate and take effect. Please go on to Part II - Technical Contact Modification below.



Part II - Technical Contact Modification

On the Account Manager navigation menu, select 'Edit Account Contacts'.

On the Account Contacts page under the Edit Whois Contacts section, click 'Click here' to edit contacts.

On the Edit Whois page, check the domain name you are managing and click 'Continue'.

On the Edit Whois Contact page, select 'WHOIS Technical Contact' and click 'Continue'.

On the Whois Technical Contact Has Been Changed page, enter 'HD1407-ORG' as your new Technical Contact and click 'Continue'.

Select keep Account contact as a contact for your account and click 'Continue'.

Your domain DNS and technical contact has been successfully changed. Your Dollarhost account will be activated within the next 24 hours.

If you require additional assistance, please feel free to contact our customer service team: https://#site_domain_name#/ContactUs/

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