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Setting up SimpleChat! 1.3

SimpleChat! 1.3 is a nice and fast HTML based chatroom written in PHP. The output produced by SimpleChat! is small, 100% HTML 4.01 compliant and also looks fine with any modern browser which supports HTML 4 and JavaScript.

Dollarhost Demo: http://chat.samplesite.biz

This tutorial will guide you through the SimpleChat! 1.3 setup and installation process on our servers. It is assumed that your account has support for PHP.

Part A - Downloading the Script

The script can be downloaded here.

The file that you will download is a compressed bundle containing the files of the SimpleChat! 1.3 distribution in zip format. Unpack this archive in a temporary directory on your computer using decompression software.


Part B - Upload SimpleChat! 1.3

Start your FTP software and after connecting to your web server, in your HTML root folder /var/www/html/, create the folder "chat". Upload all the files to the /var/www/html/chat folder.

Change "data" directory permissions to the following settings using your FTP software.

* Owner: Allow Read, Write, and Execute
* Group: Allow Read, Write, and Execute
* Others: Allow Read, Write, and Execute

To change file permissions using CuteFTP, select the directory by clicking on it once on the remote system side and then right-click on the directory to bring up the option menu and select CHMOD.

To assign the correct directory permission, enter 777 in the Manual box.


Part C - Software Configuration

Your SimpleChat! setup is now complete.
View your chat room at: http://www.yourdomain.com/chat

SimpleChat! is synchronized to the GREENWICH MEAN TIME.
Synchronize it to your local time by replacing '0' (incl/hdr.inc, line #1) with +/- any number you wish.

This is an example for PST time zone (-8).

The default password for clearing is 12345 . Change it (clear.php, line #7) if necessary.

Chat Room Tool:

For more information on SimpleChat! please refer to the README.TXT file.


If you require additional assistance, please feel free to contact our customer service team: https://#site_domain_name#/ContactUs/

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