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CGI Form Mail Installation
Recipient Email Address

Setting up CGI FormMail Recipient Email Address (EM)

If you will be sending your CGI FormMail results to an email address under the website domain name, the recipient email address must be specified in a special format. You will need to know the host name of your email server in order to configure the recipient email address properly. Step 1 shows you how to find your email server host name.

Login to Dollarhost Webmail to view your email server host name. After you login to Webmail, the URL address of the Webmail connection will display your email server host name. In this example the email server host name is dhmail01.dollarhost.com. Once you have found the host name, you may logout of Webmail and close your browser.

Open the FormMail.pl file in a plain text editor such as Notepad and change the value of the recipient_addresses variable on line 57.

Specify the FormMail recipient address using the following format:


The recipient email address in this example is , however the email address must be specified as joe% where abcwebsite.com is the website domain name and where dhmail01.dollarhost.com is the email server host name.

Note that the only thing that should be between the single quotes (' ') is the special format email address.

Also make sure the paths to Perl and Sendmail are correct, they should look exactly as in the screenshot here. By default these paths are set correctly for you if you download the script from our server.

Edit the HTML code of your form page and define the FORM ACTION to execute the FormMail.pl script located at /var/www/cgi-bin/FormMail.pl and make sure the FORM METHOD is "POST".

To do so, you should add the highlighted lines to your HTML form.

Important: The input tags which are defined as hidden is information used by the FormMail script only and will not show up in a browser when the page source code is viewed. The hidden value of recipient in the HTML form MUST MATCH the special format recipient_addresses variable you defined as the recipient address in the FormMail.pl script in order for the script to send email.



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