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DollarHost Spam & Email Virus Protection
Email Protection

DollarHost Spam & Email Virus Protection

DollarHost Spam & Email Virus Protection is an optional service which provides an integrated hardware and software solution that provides powerful spam and virus-blocking capabilities for your email. The system provides ten defense layers that protects your email from spam and viruses. The ten defense layers are:

  • Denial of service and security protection
  • IP block list
  • Rate control
  • Virus check with archive decompression
  • Proprietary virus check
  • User-specified rules
  • Spam fingerprint check
  • Intention analysis
  • Bayesian analysis
  • Rule-based spam scoring

The system includes an automatic update function which keeps the spam rules and scores up-to-date so that the system can quickly counteract the latest techniques used by spammers.

Once you have ordered the Spam & Email Virus Protection, it will be enabled for all email accounts under your domain name automatically.

Understanding Spam Scoring

The Spam & Email Virus Protection system examines all the characteristics of an incoming email message and uses a complex system of scores to determine whether a message is spam. When an email reaches the spam scoring filter, the Spam & Email Virus Protection system assigns scores to all the properties of the message. For example, it would examine:

  • A message's header and subject line for offending characters or words
  • The percentage of HTML in the message
  • Whether a message contains an 'unsubscribe' link

These properties (along with many others) help the Spam & Email Virus Protection system determine a message's spam score, which represents a message's probability of being spam, and how to handle the message based on pre-defined thresholds. A spam score of 0 means that a message is not spam, a spam score of 10 means that an email is very certain to be spam.

Spam Score Action Result
0-2 deliver email delivered to inbox
3-4 tag email tagged with [BULK] in subject line and delivered to inbox
5-8 quarantine email placed in the quarantine inbox
9-10 reject email rejected

Deliver - email is delivered to inbox as regular email

Tag - email is tagged with [BULK] in the subject line and marked as possible spam.

Quarantine - email is separated from normal email and sent to a special inbox. User is notified of newly quarantined messages via a daily summary sent to their mailbox. They have the ability to classify the quarantined email as being spam or not spam to train the system to be more accurate. Users can teach the system to be more accurate by simply telling it which emails are spam and which emails are not. The system becomes more accurate with use and as it learns a particular users email habits.

Users also have the ability to have the message delivered to their inbox if the message is not spam or to have the message deleted if it is spam. All quarantined messages have a high possibility of being bulk or spam mail.

Reject - email is not delivered to inbox because it is being sent from known spam servers or the sender email address has been blacklisted or the message contains an attachment that is infected with a virus or worm or the message spam score indicates that it is certain to be spam.

Using the Spam & Email Virus Protection System

Your incoming email will automatically be protected by the spam and virus filtering system. There is no need to manually enable the feature. When you receive your first quarantine email, the system will create your user quarantine box and will send you and email with the subject "User Quarantine Account Information".

This email contains your Quarantine Inbox login information. Keep this email as you will need it to access your Quarantine Inbox. Note that you will NOT receive the Quarantine Inbox login if you have not received your first quarantine email yet.

You may view the message and click on the link to access your Quarantine Inbox. Or you may visit: http://dhmailfw01.dollarhost.com

At this time there will probably be no messages in your Quarantine folder. We recommend that you do not change any of the settings within the Quarantine system. They have been pre-defined with the ideal settings for maximum performance.

The following is a sample of the Quarantine Inbox interface. Messages in the Quarantine Inbox interface have a high possibility of being spam.

If you are unsure if an email is spam or not, you may view the complete message by clicking on it.

You should regularly use the Quarantine Inbox to classify messages as spam or not spam. The system gets more accurate as you teach it using a Bayesian learning system. Doing so will significantly improve the performance of the Spam and Email Virus Scanner. The system will learn unique email user preferences and assign spam scores accordingly. The more you classify quarantined messages, the more accurate the system will become and the less messages will be quarantined.

To classify a message as being spam, simply click the checkbox beside the message and click Classify as Spam. To classify a message as being not spam, simply click the checkbox beside the message and click Classify as Not Spam. If you have incorrectly classified a message, you can correct this simply by repeating the classification procedure.

Once you have classified the message, it will automatically be deleted (if it has been classified as Spam) or delivered to the user (if it has been classified as Not Spam).

If the Quarantined message has been sent by a recognized user or company and you always wish to receive email from this individual or company, you may Whitelist their email address. Whitelisted users will always have a spam score of zero.

To Whitelist a sender, click the checkbox beside the message and click Whitelist.

To manually add email addresses or domains to your personal Whitelist or Blacklist click PREFERENCES and then click Whitelist/Blacklist. You may add email addresses or domain names that you would like to whitelist. It is suggested that you add dollarhost.com to your Whitelist so that you can receive service renewal notices and other important email messages from DollarHost.

To logout of the Quarantine Inbox, click Log Off.

You may login again with your Quarantine Inbox login Username and Password that has been emailed to you at: http://dhmailfw01.dollarhost.com

For Microsoft Outlook Users

For Microsoft Outlook Users, you have the option of installing a custom plug-in which will allow you to classify tagged messages as Spam or Not Spam directly from your Microsoft Outlook email client.

To install the Microsoft Outlook Plug-in, click the Get Mail Plugins Here link on the Quarantine Inbox login page

On the Plugins download screen, click Download Now.

Click Open to download and run the plug-in install.

Once you have installed the plug-in, two new buttons will be added to your Microsoft Outlook interface. The red button is to classify a message as Spam. The green button is to classify a message as Not Spam. Highlight the message you wish to classify and use the classification buttons to classify.


If you require additional assistance, please feel free to contact our customer service team: https://#site_domain_name#/ContactUs/


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