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Q: What is an Email Alias?
  • An Email Alias simply forwards email messages to another location. It does NOT have its own storage space, username, and password and must be associated with another email address. Users who prefer to use a separate email account to read messages (different from the Alias) often choose this route.

    If you are currently reading email through your Internet Service Provider, you may choose to direct all email addresses to that existing account. For example, if you are a current AOL customer, have a domain hosted by us called abc.com and would like email messages forwarded to your AOL account, you would setup an Email Alias as follows:

    you@abc.com => you@aol.com

    Email Aliases also have the advantage of sending to more than one address. You can use an Alias to distribute email messages to a group of people. Our system limits the maximum number of destination addresses for an Alias to 50.

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